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What is Clogging?

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What is Clogging?

I bet you're wondering at this very moment, What is clogging?.  Well, if you're not a resident of Canada or the Southern U.S. then you'll find your answers here!

Earliest roots...

Clogging has it's earliest roots in the Appalachin mountains, a mountain range stretching from the Northeastern states down around Virginia, Maryland, and the mid-Atlantic states.  The inhabitants of this rugged terrain, developed a form of dance on sheets of plywood with simple Oxford shoes with double-metal taps on the heel and toes of the shoe. Done originally to instruments the likes of the banjo, guitar, washboard, and things of that nature.  Another form of "clogging" was also popular among African-American slaves on Southern plantations during Civil War times, it was refered to as "Buck Dancing".  A style still used in Clogging to this day.  Modern-day clogging is actually more precise and more diverse now, with styles in Buck, Canadian, Southern, Irish, and tap-dancing steps included as well.  Clogging seems similar to that of tap-dancing and Irish stepping dancing, but is still regarded as a very popular American folk dance.  Mostly in the Southern states, originally.  Clogging has also been "modernized" over the years with the incorporation of more modern-day dance styles (i.e: jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, street, pop-n-lock, etc.).  Clogging has somewhat tried to seperate itself from it's country roots in an attempt to appeal to a more massive audience.  Clogging steps have also been featured on T.V. and in movies like Coyote Ugly...etc.

Spiral, Spinning Horizontal Line

Clogging by definition

the word, "clog" is actually a Celtic or Gaelic term meaning "time", clogging is actually a time dance based on numbers of beats and hits of the tap.  The heel is instrumental in the performance of clogging, it acts as the timekeeper of the foot during a routine.

Spiral, Spinning Horizontal Line

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