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Wild Country Cloggers


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What is Clogging?

Here you will find information on the lesson and services, Wild Country Cloggers provides to it's performers.

Beginner: enrollment times are spring and fall, or accepted anytime.  class time is 1 hour starting at 6:30PM.  Generally, the beginner class is a 16 week long introduction to clogging, in which new students will learn the fundamentals and primary knowledge of this form of dance.

Advanced: The fast lane of the clogging world.  Class is 1 hour starting at 8:30PM.  This is where many cloggers are tested and faced with many new steps unlike they may have seen before.  The lessons seem to be a bit more rigorous and fast-paced then the beginner or intermediate.  If any clogger wishes to challenge oneself then this is the class to do it in.  Remember, Enter at your own risk!

Intermediate: The next step in your clogging pilgrimmage.  Class length is 1 hour starting at 7:30PM.  The Intermediate level is where new students are faced with some more challenging steps  and former students may return to refine his/her dancing.  A middle ground for new or returning students. 

Private Lessons are available for those who may need extra help or thrive more in a personal, one-on-one situation with the teacher.  Students are urged and encouraged to take advantage of this service, it does not mean one is a bad clogger or is not capable of learning clogging.  It's just a little reassurance that there is help for you, if you need it.  Struggling students or even returning dancers may even use this feature.  It is wise to at least ask and/or schedule an appointment instead of just becoming frustrated and losing interest in clogging.

Wild Country Cloggers' lessons happen each and every Wednesday night from 6:30 to 9:30 PM at the First Baptist Church in Bennington, VT on the corner of Main Street and Valentine.  Lessons are only $5 a week.  Private lessons are available for only $7 an hour, and are by appointment only. 

Where good friends and good people equal a good time! - Wild Country Cloggers